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New School in Hamburg-State of the Art

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Category: KDF
Price: $158.00

Quality 6x8" b/w 32-page booklet with color cover introduces the new state-of-the-art KDF- funded and sponsored School in Hamburg for the gifted apprentice-craftsman to become a master craftsman. There are a wide variety of skills taught at advanced levels and includes architecture and city planning, automobile design and technology, advanced leadership within the KDF itself, porcelains and ceramics, book-binding, wrought-iron work design, zoology, music and the cultural arts and more. Back cover shows a blueprint of the school and the practical and sensible way which it lays out but does not in any way compromise the architectural flow of design. It looks all so wonderful...a shame the students of this school would be inducted in the military because of war just a year later. Super bright and clean, NM copy. uncommon and important piece of Third Reich history on it's schools and culture.