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Stock # 2128
Type:  PARTY MOVEMENT 1919-32
Price: $98.00

Extremely insightful peace of history with regards to the early right-wing (and Nazi) movement during that very short time-frame while Hitler was serving his prison time in Landsberg Prison-!

At this time of course, the actual NSDAP was legally abolished and all it's members found refuge with their then fellow-brother groups like the remaining Freikorps groups, veteran groups (with political platforms), etc. (Note for example the skull & bones flag troops in the one photo below-- and we all know who they are- !!!)

These groups , being cautious after Hitler's failed coup and throughout 1925, sort of bannered under the pretense of WWI veteran groups and kept their core right-wing political goals/ views from being publicized. After Hitler's release in late 1925, they were relieved, but it really wasn't until a year later that the heat and scrutiny upon Hitler eased and he began being able to move around more freely, giving speeches in Gaus which had previously a year before had banned him.

It is this tiny window of time, so scantly covered in history books, which make this program such a historic treasure.

Program is 9x11" and contains 24 high-gloss enamel pages of photographs and text (20-photo pages, 4-pages of text).

This celebration took place in the Southeastern city of Leipzig- an Very important city politically- during the weekend of October 17-19.

Spine shows light spine stress but no splits and solid/strong.
Clean cover and pages as well-! A very well-preserved item in Exc/NM condition-!

Well-priced considering its extreme rarity. We do not expect to see another such piece from this time-frame in our life-time-!