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SPY INSIDE the REICH (1933-1947) Soviet, U.N., USA-sponsored

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A 60-page file belonging to Russian-born Helen Kutzenko, a Third Reich nurse and professor of geology in Munich (and then later Vienna ), who used her keen knowledge of map-making and contacts in Moscow and the Western world to guarantee her a safe spot in the world after the war.

* (NOTE: read bottom verifications -guarantees of this document under "**" ).

Kutzenko started out as a registered nurse, but made the switch to geology (her understudy) on to Classified map-making by mid-war.
It would almost seem as if someone had 'reached-out' to her for her services.
Either that, or she was a genuine mastermind with regard for foreseeing events and safe avenues of survival as the war dragged on.

The file is primarily two-fold in scope:

1) It meticuliously details her work, responsibilities, expertise, studies, promotions, etc., within the Reich and includes several letters-of-recommendation/praise on her behalf.
There are also a couple personal letters which subtly elude to her fear of being watched.

2) Jan, 1944- 1947 covers a period of "positioning" and last Third Reich correspondence is March, 1945.
Several U.S. interviews conducted through U.N. and the USFET.
She is listed as be "stateless" (Without Country).

Her private meetings with General McNarney alone speak for the weight she had as a pool of information (McNarney was commander-and-chief US Forces of Occupation in Germany, working closely with General Clay and Patton. Afterwards, he left for Wright-Patterson Air Force Base as general of Air Material Command based on his success in Germany. W-P USAF base has been proven to be the main base of operations for studying the aviation technology captured by the US. Some of the most important secrets being hid in caves and tunnels--some in Czech under Soviet occupation-!
The US would send in under-cover teams to find the tunnels/caves and retrieve the files).
One can begin to understand the importance of an expert Eastern Europe geology/map-making very quickly.

During the Reich years, she was transferred to the Deutsche Karls University in Vienna where she personally headed a department/organization:
"Wirtschaft und Raum in Süden Osteuropas"
(economically utilizing -making space-in Eastern Europe )

Her ID card is stamped "Forschungs gemeinschaft" (scientific research).

It would be interesting to know if her department was under the sphere of influence of SS-General Hans Kammler, chief Engineer and head of all of the important scientific research/ weapons mfg.
This includes the Skoda Works in Pilsna, Czech and the numerable underground facilities in that area.
He generally had a direct overview of all university research (--including and especially in the Harz Mountains, Southern and South-East Germany, Czech/ Vienna and also Heidleberg).

Most her Travel Authorization/interviews take her...from Munich to...Heidleberg-!

It seems inevitable she was accountable in some capacity to that formation of command structure and as such, of so high-priority to the allies.

Although Russian-born, it seems stalin wasn't about to welcome her with the open-arms she had originally anticipated, so she switched allegiances to Western allies some where around 1944. (at least this is what has been outlined as her reasons during her de-briefings).

This file is rich in information and could easily be the subject of an in-depth/ multi-series article.
Some of the Reich's research departments are new to me and one can see Prague was still the busy-bee center of communist activity like it had been before the Reichs take-over, and extended underground into Vienna.

After the war, Kutzenko was still "watched" and at one point an attempt of her life was made- either by stalin's men or Kammler's.
It is referred to in a U.N. report brief as "accident"--but a bit differently in a personal letter she had made a copy of. (immediately afterwards, other transportation arrangements were provided for her via AGO/ USFET ).

Of particular interest are

*some of the documents pertaining to her assignment at the Wirtschaft und Ruam fur Süd Osteuropa, including 4 document on the Protokoll of the group,

* 5-page outline of objectives, goals and success of each.

* "Die Russische (Russian) Vertrauensstelle in Deutscheland" document which outlines Kutzenko's family tree and career (all documents coming out of the RVD were always copied and sent to the Gestapo and SD)

* 79,000 RM request /budget for the project

*the Post-War U.N. transport /interview authorization paperwork/ documents

* Urgent telegram dated 5-11-1945

--And much more.

Some minor documents still need thorough translating. Rest assure the material is all a Rare glimpse into an otherwise very grey area of history.

there was- at the time, very important issues involved in dividing up both Berlin and Germany, as well as important areas in Eastern Europe the Western Allies were forfeiting to stalin.

In fact, by Jan 1, 1945, there was no important issue bigger than this.
The race for German scientific knowledge and where they were located.

********************************************************************************* THIS FILE HAS BEEN VERIFIED BY BOTH A RETIRED FBI EMPLOYEE AND A NATO EMPLOYEE (for the U.S. ), AS WELL AS A NATO REPRESENTATIVE CURRENTLY WORKING IN PARIS (for the U.S).

** Researches within the U.S. (and access to the FIA files can verify all this).

We have had this file for a little over 4 months now...We guarantee our research 100%

Sensitive Files - Particularly of any length (like items # 57, 1545, 1260 for example),
Are closely scrutinized- and by a wide circle of minds for how ever long it takes.

on a curious note-
There is a small, postcard-size slip of paper...
It's an expiration notice from an insurance company in Monmouth, Oregon, notifying the customer their coverage on their "cameras and accessories" is about to end (on July 31, 1951..coverage began one year prior).
On the back is written the name and address of a Monmouth resident which, appears to be written in a US citizens hand-writing- certainly not Kutzenko's ).
His name is Dean Forbes and there is a photo of him in the grouping (the portrait photo of the guy wearing glasses).
Was he regular GI..?
Or perhaps OSS or SIS..?
Or the old German boyfriend in an old file who the Gestapo mention..?

In any event, their was clearly a romance involved(as other material-- letters, photos, etc, reveal).
Did this influence her allegiances or did hope of US citizenship come later..?

A grouping such as this holds many intrigues and opens the doors to further research in a dozen different exciting areas.

File is in over FN/VF condition.

An incredible historical Gold-Nugget ~!
And priced cheap-!!!