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Stock # 2030
Category: ID Cards, Reichskulturkammer
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $220.00

Johann Gütschi- One of old Vienna's musical treasures of the early Twentieth Century, playing violin/lead violin for the Vienna Symphony for decades-!

This is his ID card for the ENTIRE Length of the German-Austria Union (Anschluss) during the Third Reich (1938-1945).
(there must be another addition dues pages which was once stapled to the ID card, but now gone.
Our card documents, 1938, 1939 and beginning of 1945).

The additional page may of been damaged because in late 1944, early 1945, Gütschi had his photograph retaken for the card and had the head of the Reichsmusikkammer sign-off on it on the reverse side of card.

There is a small stain on the lower left corner of the card too.
If perhaps this stain spilled onto the photo, it may explain the reason for the new photo.
Or perhaps it was just time for a photo update, or he had a particularly good hair cut that week he wanted to immortalize on film for all time... who knows for certain except for him.

In any case, card is exceptionally clean and well-preserved.

A great historic piece of both Reich history
AND the Vienna Symphony as well.