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Stock # 2025
Category: Music & Instruments, SPORTS & OLYMPICS
Price: $125.00

Here is a Very interesting piece of Reich history and a real gem for collectors of radio and entertainment material from the Third Reich.

It is an actual contract (arranged through appropriate talent/radio agencies, etc-with final government approval), for singer Carl Söllner to sing on a Prime-Time radio show (8:00pm ~ 10:00 pm ) through the month of July.
For this he received the sum of 40 RM per performance.
This program was aired while the Olympics were being held and was designed as a cultural tribute to all various music styles of the world and to showcase in particular the best traditional favorites of each country competing in the Games.
It was a very popular program and well researched and organized, resulting in resounding praise, even from the most anti-German circles.

Söllner, although German, was raised and lived in Argentina, and so he brought with him all of Argentina's classics with a German flavor.
He was very popular and was signed-on for the rest of the series. He also made many personal appearances in Berlin's finest lounges.

Promotional photo is postcard-size .
Contract is standard document size.

Contract has envelope folds, and shows light wear on the right-hand side and is VF-.
Photo is NM

Very, very scarce-!