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Stock # 1982
Category: Reichskulturkammer, Hitler & Personalities
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $325.00

OUTSTANDING and Very Scarce example of the Reichskulturkammer division for Fine Arts-!

Facsimilie signature by Grand Reichs Kultur artist Adolf Ziegler ( joke..the "Master" on nude paintings- ).
Ziegler was the President of this Reichskammer.
He is in photo below, escorting the Fuhrer in the 1937 opening of the Reichs German Day of Art in the Munich Art Museum.
His most noted work, "The Four Elements" (shown below), hung in Hitler's main entrance room at his residence in Munich.

Card is issued to a young man in Koln who was assistant director of Fine Arts in the Koln Museum of Fine Art.

This card was issued July 7, 1937...Just 10 days from the 0fficial opening of the Historic "Grosse Deutsche Ausstausstellungtag " (German Day of Art )..!!

Card is 8-pages and NM.

Superb piece of German Third Reich art from a young man directly involved within it's most intimate levels.
He would of attended all the important meetings given in Berlin by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, and also directly involved with art promotion through the KDF and other large para-military channels.

Signature is signed bolding in black ink and