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Stock # 1871
Category: DAF & RAD, Art of the Reich
Price: $348.00

Truly one of the more outstanding color litho awards of the Third Reich-!

Measuring 18x22 and printed on very thick paper stock.

The painting featured is by Herbert Hindorf and won the 1939 Championship Award at the very prestigious Hermann Goring Meisterschule for Painters, and bears Goring's family crest/coat of arms which was also the schools emblem.

The award is for grateful recognition of service on a project which was of some importance to the Reich in 1939, and is signed by both Generalarbeitsfuhrer for the gau and the Arbeitsfuhrer at local level, and awarded to a Wilhelm Kolb of the 2/319 .

The classic early goth script is very ornate with gold and silver accents, surrounded by a colorful border which features the Third Reich swastika cleverly interwoven with early Germanic cross-design.

The award announces the Spade as a symbol of pride in the New Order and that every German must take and pick up the spade to build a better, stronger and more unified people.

Color separation by Hans Zieher, one of Germany's finest in the complex 5-color separation process using silver and gold.
Printed at H. Sturz in Wurzburg- one of the few printers outside Leipzig and Berlin chosen to print such intricate awards and documents because of the fine craftsmanship and attention to detail.

There are a couple horizontal creases, but are all but impossible to see. Only the one below the Goring crest can be seen to some extent.
Award is otherwise very attractive with a VF or better appearance .

If any award called out to be framed, it would be this one. Without doubt.
It is such a stunning example of Third Reich art- both in it's painting and calligraphy -and in quality of lithography - it transcends beyond the scope of just an RAD piece or award collectible, but represents the epitome of the Third Reich pride of a people, dedication of service and beauty of labor.

It simply is one of the best examples of a high-quality award we have ever offered and an incredible museum piece at any price- and a secure investment in the future as well (we have this priced at the same price range as a common low-to-average grade army helmet. Imagine. How can one go wrong)