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Stock # 1831
Category: Documents, Files & Certificates, Heer
Price: $95.00

One rarely gets the opportunity to see such a complete grouping of insurance/ investment documents covering the average soldier in the Reich.

Total of 12 pieces, including a photo of their house and their new baby.

Both coverage and earning power of this coverage is very attractive- sound policy.

The average German may not of made a lot of money at the time, however, they knew they were still in a recovery stage- as well as a defense mode against communism--
But more importantly, each and every one was well looked after by the State in their daily aspects and especially come their retirement age.

This also applied to satellite countries like the Czechs. Churchill had to send in trained assassins to kill Heydrich because the wages and health coverage every Czech was entitled to after being absorbed into the Reich, was so far and above what they use to receive under communist influence Benes government, they didn't want to be dragged back into communism or the floundering empire of the over-taxing British. Communist agitators sent in to disrupt the factory workers were tossed out by the Czech workers themselves.
Had Germany not acted so harshly---playing right into the hands of the left-controlled world media, they could of retained a loyal front against stalin.

Coming full circle, this grouping represents simply what every decent man and woman, every family of all religions and nationalities want for themselves...a little security - both in their present working lives and when they are older.