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Invitations, photos, letter

Stock # 1791
Category: Music & Instruments, ITALY & Others
Price: $169.00

Very rare and outstanding 7-piece grouping on a musical concert put on by both Germany and Italy in conjunction with the Deutsch- Italienische Gesellschaft on January 5-6, 1939.

Grouping consists of a letter, formal invitation, schedule of concert and several photos- !

The letter is very interesting in that it is dated a week before the concert- both verifying original plans and making a few last minute changes to personnel.

There are 4 photos - including a nice shot showing the higher echelon of both German and Italian professors and musical directors, exchanging official gifts and introducing themselves among each other outside the Platzhoff at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University, where they performed.
Others photos- including a large 8x10"- are of the very popular all-female Italian band
"Al Berti" that played a wide range of Italian, German and even Latin American music, and even had their own group of show-girl performers.
A good time was had by all.

All material is in NM condition

Very nice and historically important grouping on Reich culture departments and their part in building, trading and expanding cultures within the Axis sphere of influence.