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"Fur den Tischlerlehrling"

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Daily trade-school newspaper for the apprentice. Lot of four (4) issues of the Dresden-produced school-newspaper "Fur den Tischlerlehrling", a daily four-6 page illustrated 'review' of the day which the young apprentice was required to keep on file while on his eight-year journey through his schooling of mastering wood in all its arts and construction.

Dresden was home to some of the most beautiful architecture in Europe- much of it of wood- A perfect choice to conduct the devastating civilian-targeted fire-bombing campaign by the allies during WWII - where most the city's cultural center was lost and which also claimed over 250,000 women, children, elderly and disabled victims .

The paper takes into account the importance of mathematics and a basic understanding of chemistry with regard to natural elements and their response to temperature and wood, cement, etc. as well as the on-going study of the best selection process to various species of wood, their variance in grain, and so forth.

Many of these Handwerk schools hand a skeleton crew/ classroom by 1943-44, and some of them closed altogether as the increasing need of military manpower at both fronts took so many young and talented lives- a terrible blow the all time-honored hand-crafted professions throughout Europe. A set back which after the war, with the coming of newly-constructed factories and its mass-production commerce was, for the most part, forever lost.

In this respect, and from this unique historic perspective, these papers are of special interest and study to both the post-war historian as well as military and Hitler Youth/ Volkstrum collectors.

Paper is clean, supple and VF.