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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


Stock # 1658
Category: Magazines, Heer
Price: $34.00

Very interesting and scarce magazine from Holland printed in Jan-Feb of 1940.
It's primary focus was on the war and also the particularly bad winter that set in that year, which just added misery all around.
The spine and edges of the pages are brittle and will eventually result in the pages coming loose if they are continually turned. One would want to handle/ read carefully once- and then store it in a protective mylar plastic bag.
Despite the brittleness, the information and abundant photos offer a very rare glimpse into that country that year--a glimpse rarely seen over here in the US in any history books or such.
Magazine appears FN/VF by the cover, and makes an attractive display. Graded G+