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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)

Great early war-time issues

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Great grouping of magazines primarily centered around food production, for all of Europe was experiencing a food shortage during the course of the war.
Some issues are specialized and are for farmers and bakers, others are DAF business related farm journals, others under the Reichsnahrstand "Blut und Boden' Landesbauernschaft in the Thuringen area. (The photos show the various titles).
A couple issues have some general light-scattered age stains on the pages, but not brittle or damaged in any other way. Another has a small piece from the upper left corner of cover. Nevertheless, they are all very clean condition and just about FN/VF or better.
A grand source of information for historians-researchers and collectors alike of DAF-Reichsnahrstand (Food) organizations inside the Reich, and the tremendous burden which lay before them in trying to supply/ feed the whole of Europe - for to do any less would drive the masses into the arms of the ever-present, ever-persistent communists forces- whose agents (tens of thousands of them) where activated into action (sabotage, striking, rioting, etc) all across Europe in 1939 and in an even greater extent in June of '41.
Regardless, the Reich fell way short of their initial goals and in the end, only concerned themselves with Germany's immediate war-time needs, leaving many countries to live on starvation levels bordering desperate.