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Pre-War ('19-'39)
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FARMERS CLUB ID- Precursor to Blood & Soil Reichsnahrstand

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Category: ID Cards, Volk Culture, Fests & Holidays
Type:  ID CARD
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Very interesting early farmers organization from 1929. Card is a bright orange 4x5" ID card for a local farmer from Fulda, which represented that branch of the Kurhessischer Bauernverein e.V., This seems to have been an early farmers group which was closely associated to Germanic Blood and Soil traditions, some mixture of what would be called today "New Age" religion, and Aryan family values.

It was around this time that (soon-to-be) Reichminister Walther Darre (of the Reichsnahrstand) was teaching agricultural classes and published his first book on these same core concepts of the German peasant/ nahrstand. It is probably not too far from the mark to consider this group may of kept current on the latest published works which their own club so closely held dear and publicly represented. A member may of perhaps even read some of Darre's works...or shared a turnip salad over lunch, or rode donkeys together and just everything.

Date is printed right on the membership card itself, suggesting each year a new card (and probably color scheme/code) was printed and issued to members.

We could not find any further material on the FBD after 1933, but most of these smaller clubs either disbanded or merged together in some form or another with the Reichsnahrstand itself (after Jan 30th, 1933). Some of the actual talented and educated leaders of these smaller organizations, however, found good, secure posts within some department of the Reichsnahrstand.