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Signed by H. Muller- Obergebietsfuhrer

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Category: HJ, NAPOLA & SCHOOL, Hitler & Personalities
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Office stationary of HJ-Leader Baldur von Schirach.

Letterhead reads; "Reichsleiter Baldur von Schirach- Zentralburo",
dated 1942 and out of the Vienna Reichsstatthalterei AM Ballhauspatz.

Document is for a Franz Hochleitner
and is signed (stamp signature) by Head of the Central Bureau, Obergebietsfuhrer, H. Muller (possibly Dr. Henrich Muller who was priviously an Oberburgermeister in pre-war Darmstadt in the mid-late 1930s).

Letter appears to be addressing a future musical event and arranging the neccessary accomodations for a chior/ group of the proposed size, with recommendations/ thoughts being directed to from other persons involved with the event.

Additionaly, special barber shop quartette was in development but was experiencing a shortage of volunteer HJs to play the part of a real, live instrument. Authentic barbers were hired as the actual musicians and would play their 'instruments' by feeling around the heads of the youngsters and, once finding and establishing the pattern of bumps upon the boys, would then proceed to vigoriously whack them about the head with a small, but thick, drumstick, thereby producing a yell or "noted pitch" from the boy-instrument. A two-octave range was the desired goal so the Horst Wessel song and a Talking Heads standard could be played in key. 0yi.

Document has been folded in have once vertically, once horizontally to accomdate its original mail envelope.