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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)

Lot translated- 9 pieces

Stock # 1518
Category: POWS, CAMPS-KZ, etc, Documents, Files & Certificates
Price: $59.00

Lot consists of eight documents and one photograph relating to the POW camp located in Korneuburg, Austria.
POW's there worked at the First Danube Steamship Company.
Document pertain primarily to each POW's assignment, guard duties, head count, etc.
There was an on-going investigation/situation with a couple French POW's who were continually complaining about being sick and not reporting for work (probably the two in the photograph..?).

Lot comes with a complete translation of each document.

Very interesting grouping coming out of a very little known about POW camp. Judging by the completely 'laxed structure, it would appear they used the ovens more for baking cookies than bodies . Larger camps receiving prisoners from the East experienced large epidemics and had to resort to controlling any typhus, etc by disposing of contaminated dead bodies, clothes, etc., into hastily constructed oven(s) .