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Books offer keen insight into this brave commander

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Category: Luftwaffe, Books
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Group includes a 1959 Paratrooper veterans magazine with a special article on multiple Knights Cross winner Col. Ludrig Heilmann of the 3 Regiment, 1 Paratroop Division (Crete, etc).
The book, "The Nazis Called Me Traitor" is a teenage girls amazing account of survival and how col. Heilmann personally looked after her.
Unlike the tons of malarky publications on WWII which were but trashy pulp-like paperbacks and books that began to hit the market almost immediately, this book is good. Most had spectacular titles much like the sci-fi movies of the day, putting the beautiful God-loving, democratic-loving russian communists against the Evil German's. ("I was a Teenage Butcher for Hitler's Auntie Mildred", ..or "I Dated Eva Behind the Fuhrer's Back" and the classic: "Stalin Made a Spam Samwhich Out of Hitler's Remains", etc ).

This book is actually a very well-written documented account of an individual experience during the war and is not under-scored with pro-communist, pro-nazi, or pro-anything. It stands the test of time.

In addition, it offers a very rare and insightful study of a particularly brave combat leader of the Reich, a combat-harden soldier and thoughtful, sensitive and intelligent gentleman, Colonel Ludrig Heilmann.
The two publications offer a unique look at this leader from different perspectives; the combat side and human side.

Very much a must read for anyone even remotely interested in this paratroop division and it's leader.
Both are VF or better.