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Volksbank Langensalza & Berlin Reichs Bank

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Category: Other NS-Party Events, Reichsbank & Money
Price: $159.00

Grouping is a phenomenally import part of WWII history but ever-so consistently and deliberately buried in the back pages and dark corners of mankind's journey for global peace as it's real facts would shake the world anew.
Group consists of 8x11" program of 12-pages, invitation and press photo (each about 5x7"), and is a joint celebration of a pair of very important new banks opening up in Berlin. One was the new official Reichsbank and the other was the Volksbank.
The Volksbank was specialized in both loans and assistance for the working man of Germany; merchants, labor, hand-craft guilds, farms and all agricultural fields.

Grouping was for a private businessman and minor Berlin official. After the initial public opening celebration of the bank and was held inside the bank on the top floor and was for city officials and such to discuss the content of the bank data inside the 'program' over lunch.
Everything is VF+ or better.
A very uncommon piece of Reich history-