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Swimming award-- Scarce

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Category: NSLA, COLLEGES & GROUPS, Hitler & Personalities
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Very rare document from the Hans Schemm school-! Schemm was an early Party member and personal friend of the Fuhrer. A teacher himself, he formed the National Socialists Teachers Organization in 1928 and was appointed Gauleiter of Ostmark in 1930. In 1933, he was also appointed Bavarian Minister of Culture. He also served as a member of the Reichstag and held an honorary rank of SA-Gruppenfuhrer. He was generally very well liked in the Reich circles and in all fields of education where, like the field of medicine for example, politics could be overshadowed by the principles and merit of an individual, and ideologies set aside by the admiration of professional devotion and service in the field itself. This was Hans Schemm. Schemm died in an airplane crash in 1935 and many old and new structures were dedicated in his memory.
Certificate is dated Feb. 28, 1937 and is 8x10" stiff paper which was once folded in half both vertically and horizontally. This was the Hans Schemm Evangelist Volk School in Ostmark. VF.
Material on the Gau Ostmark Hans Schemm schools (elementary and high school) are very scarce.