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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)

Contract dancer for Sabine-Naundorff Studios

Stock # 1339
Category: Film & Theater, ID Cards
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $225.00

This is one of the most obscure and rarest cards we've had the good fortune to offer.

The Sabine-Naudorff Film Company was a small but busy motion picture studio, which allowed them to be very diverse in a variety of beneficial ways which larger movie companies of the day did not have time for. In addition to a variety of entertaining films and shorts, Sabine-Naundorff also produced a good deal of documentaries and community short films for the state and independent contract work for industry and universities. Dr. Ley of the DAF used them whenever he could for both rural farm films and short update films on the RAD and KDF .
company did not survive the intense two-day fire-bombing which destroyed a good portion of the historic city and over 200,000 civilians (mostly women, children and hospitalized men-both German and U.S.). Perhaps this young man was one of the victims, this we do not know.
There is also a shoulder patch in the image of the company's logo, which was required on jackets and coats of all studio personnel.
Card is bi-fold (four-pages) and made of thick light green cardboard. It is issued to a young local resident of Dresden, 22-year old Karl-Heinz Heuflich in July of 1944. (just 3 months before the city's' first bombing. The devastating fire-bombings would come just 7 months later in Feb of 1945, a test-city for a new bomb in the allies aggressive Terror Campaign strategy on German civilians .)
Patch is beautifully hand-stitched (our photo does not capture all the fine detail) and NM. Card shows little wear and is VF.

Extremely rare grouping.