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DeLuxe ReichsTheaterkammer 20-pg ID-booklet

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Category: ID CARDS & DOCUMENTS, Film & Theater
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $298.00

Extra ordinary ID card issued to the Reichstheaterkammer by the Reichskulturkammer in 1936 for "B"-star Else Schulz, and is her 0fficial Membership book as well as her performance/work ("fachschaft") record as well. Measuring 6x4" with hard cardboard cover, contents is 20-pages including photo ID and birth history, etc., application acceptance into the Reichskulturkammer and Reichstheaterkammer (signed/stamped/dated). there are many pages devoted to the individual performances the entertainer would give, and each performance is stamped and dated by the Reichskulturkammer office in that town. With the exception of a couple dates in Berlin, it looked as though Ms Schulz had steady work in Stuttgard in theater-opera in 1937-38 (last recorded entry being Sept 3, 1938). Else Schulz professional career can be found on most web-sites (especially European and Germany). NM