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LG. Photo-Menu -Later strictly for SS-SD Officer's

Stock # 1271
Category: SA - STORMTROOPERS, Daily Life, Stores, Products
Price: $165.00

Super rare--!! This is a large 8x12" fold-open photo and illustrated menu- beer folder for the that groovy little spot off Sophien Strasse, das "Rauh-Keller"- an early little hang-out of the local Stuttgart SA . The spot goes as far back as the mid-late 1920s, when that neighborhood lost enough sufficient bolshevic ground as to be claimed by the growing number of SA men. It was under the Hotel Rauh, but was not the hotel's main restaurant or beer hall and was originally a coal room around the turn of the century. Once cleaned-up, with a dab of paint, and a few throw pillows, it wasn't so bad at all- a favorite of working-class lads who'd work across the Alten Postplatz intersection which the Rauh-Keller's North side met. It had a front in back entrance (a majority of the smaller underground-type spaces didn't), and evidently a couple small concealed floor spaces where a semi-large electrical motor once was to operate the elevator that moved the coal in and out. These were used to store sensitive things in case of a raid by police or bolshevics, including up to two small-frame men-! All-inall, a good unofficial semi-command post for about a 5-10 block area the SA patrolled. After 1934, their prestige diminished greatly, and little things such as a new and better watering hole for other organizations (particularly the army and SS with all it's varied branches), were pretty much up for dibs. By 1938-39, it became under the possession of the SS. That is the period this menu is from. I have no other photos to show you comparison of the inside of the premise, but it is the epitome of differences between SA-SS personal details for grooming and may even say down-right cleanliness at times. Anyway. this menu was used about late 1937 up through late 1939 , when the war dictated new prices as well as a restriction on some items that were now to be rationed. It has a great little bonus of having a small insert, 12x5" inside which is dated Jan 17, 1939. At the time the SS assumed the Rauh-Keller, the Rauh Hotel became more involved with it as well and the menu changed almost overnight from (an American analogy) hot-dog, potato chip & root-beer joint to a very upscale menu of fairly wide and changing variety. A wine list too. Somewhere, around 1943 we believe, the place found as many higher-ranking Army (few Luftwaffe) officers and less SS-men (who were probably in the Waffen SS at the Eastern Front by then). It is a very attractive and well preserved time-capsule of inner-city history of the Third Reich- almost 20-years of history-! It's one of those little footnotes to a location of organization or unit that adds so much human character and flavor the the place and event as opposed to dull over-view text and standard photos we've seen in every school book, life magazine or book since the war (!). I am unfamiliar with the artist who did the fine illustrations through the menu but, should I find out, I will make note of it. He's very good. A great piece. Condition is FN/VF...there are some dust spotting on upper left corner and horizontal fold crease which is hard to see at all on the front cover, but can be clearly seen on the back.