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340+ pgs Reich's finest innovative works, etc

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Category: MISC. ORGANIZATIONS of the REICH, Art of the Reich
Price: $29.00

What a grand book on such an elusive subject for historians and collectors of the Third Reich. This is the 1937-38 Year-book for the Country's "Handwerkeskammer" -the handwork industry and community - all those who worked with their hands, from book-binding, porcelain, tailors, chemical-analysis, brick/wall builders, leather makers, bakers, and about 15-20 more other tradesmen. A very fascinating area of the Reichs history as we all notice and appreciate the fine quality of an officers visor of tunic, or dagger and medal. The Reichs Handwerkeskammer and NS-HAGO are the places where these trained professionals came from. The contents of the book is divided up by each trade and gives a thorough and in depth look at the region, raw materials, import/export, future projections, the years highlights and much more. The book has is introduced by the Reichshandmeister and followed by Hermann Goring-a huge fan and supporter of the legendary craftsmanship of the German tradesman. Book is hardback and 340+ pages, with some photos of exhibits and expos and many figural illustrations of charts and other study/ research tools and visual aides. The spine is tight, but has a couple of small frays and micro-tears and the front cover itself has a crease in the lower right corner. Front cover lettering is Gothic-style and painted in gold below the Craftsman's Guild emblem which features a hammer, oak leaf and acorn within a circle, is also all in gold. Interesting and educational, just if you look at the charts and photos-! These are highly prized in Germany and in their circle of book-collectors and historians of Germany (as a whole- not just a specific short segment of time), these year books are upwards of $100 and more. VF-