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Includes 0riginal 6x4" photo of Goebbel's at fest

Stock # 1245
Category: Hitler & Personalities, Other NS-Party Events
Type:  TICKETS & PROGRAMS (Events)
Price: $178.00

Great grouping for the 1935 Leipzig "Press-Festival" and includes original large 6x4"+ photograph of Goebbel's surrounded by Party members, SS 0fficers, a reporter and Gestapo agent, plus some curious regular-joe Wehrmacht boys looking on from a distance. Photo is stamped "Geheim!" , but was never published. My understanding (from an issue of Der Woche im Bild- a weekly national), is that Goebbel's was there for the Saturday evening opening, but not the entire weekend performances. Program is 6x9" and 24-pages and contains the gist of the program-feat which is a bit of a paradoy of the fast-paced, hurry-up-and-wait pandamonium of the newspaper press world, complete with little comic-strip-like illustrations through-out. There is also a few full-page long introductions by appropriate leaders within the industry and locality including 0berburgermeister Dr. Goerdeler, Burgermeister Dr. Friedrich, and Festival organizer, berirtverbands leader, and man-about-town, the 0riginal Dr. Scharrelmann and his faithful adjutant Cubby. There are also some additional thoughts and notes by the musical directors. Some of the text also contains witty poems and stanzas describing the supply-and-demand of raw materials vs budget restrictions and margins against daily deadlines (with current prices/costs periodically thrown in here and there to add punch to the punchline), and credits to key personel in the various head departments overseeing such operations. There are also some nice advertisements like a full-page ad for the Leipzig Zoo, trendy cafe's, casino's and hang-outs, as well as radio and newspaper sponsors. The third item to the grouping is the Ticket: is 4x5" stiff paper and features the Leipzig town heraldry stamp in the lower left corner. It is hand-stamped on back by the "Theaterkasse Reiseburo Massamt" (and additional seconary info), which was probably stamped and issued at the Leipzig Reichsfunkamt. The right side shows there was once a thin perforated second piece attached to the ticket which was neatly detached, showing the owner/group of the ticket actually attended that snowy Sunday afternoon in Febuary of 1935. all items NM or better. scarce.