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Honorary Guest pass by CIC Special Agent AG

Stock # 1023
Category: , ID Cards
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $255.00

A two-piece membership grouping to Munich's 'Cloak and Dagger Club' on Mauerkircher Street- an official-unofficial OSS outpost where Swiss, Russian, British, Greek and other European intelligence would frequently meet in various rooms (or int he lounge itself) to exchange or sell information or lives- or both. The membership card is for an Honorary Member and handwritten on the back is the 'OK' for entry into the club which reads: "Given by Bill Slweler Special Agent CIC" (last name possibly being mis-spelled) There is a postcard-size program for the evening of Saturday, May 18, 1945 (one week after the war ended-!!) which includes mostly Munich entertainers from the former Munich Opera Hall and a couple well-known Cabaret's since shut down. There is also one U.S. band combo thrown in the mixture; "Jim Archer and his Swing Band" which was for dancing, so there was a nice continual flow of movement and distraction in the lounge/dance hall to pass a note undetected. An incredibly rare piece of WWII and post WWII undercover history, and very very reasonably priced. VF+