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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)

1918-1945 Archival doc's on daily record

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Germany's Diplomatic Corp- The German Foreign Service Office and everything in between-all meticulously documented and recorded by the German Government. We have 22 volumes of this incredibly detailed and revealing behind-the-scenes diplomacy spanning 1919-1933. Set A is 13 volumes from 1918-1924 (with a special volume 1918-45 w/personnel photos). Set B is 8 volumes from 1925-1933. These are all written in German, so there is a definite drawback if you can't read the language! These series once were in the USMA diplomatic library and last printed series were in the 1990-91, with much being added after the fall of the Berlin Wall. All letters and correspondence is transcribed exactly as the original and generally with an afterward of current thinking at the time, etc. Of particular interest is the one special volume which oversees the personnel over the span of 1918-45 with over almost 150-pages of photos on high-gloss enamel paper stock. This gives the bio of the German Diplomats career in outline form with a photograph of the individual. From Dr. Franz Six of the SS to Mackensen's and Hindenberg's son, various princes, industrialists sons, junkers, barons and elite with long elite names like; Hugo Graf und zu Lerchenfeld auf Kofering und Schonberg. Thoroughly indexed and cross-referenced. For those who do speak German and have an interest in German Third Reich history outside of the foxhole, this is an absolute treasure trove of information you can spend the rest of your life researching, absorbing and referring back to time and again. All books are NM. The entire series is A-E, with C, D, E representing pre-war, war years of victory, war years of decline. For any writers-researchers of this period, this is a one-stop shopping for info dream-! Priced very, very reasonably- cheap, actually-!