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Invite to new NSV Kindergarten school + photo

Stock # 854
Type:  SS & POLICE
Price: $88.00


Super 4x6" postcard-size Invitation card for the new NSV Kindergarten school in Salzburg October 24, 1942-! The bottom of the card has listed as Salzburg's Ortsamtsleiter der NSV, SEPP DIETRICH, and as Ortsgruppenleiter, Sepp Kain. The back of card is addressed to a Albert Pasterneck of Salzburg who appears to be a departmental Institute Inspector of all levels of education within the city and perhaps Gau. Also included is an original photograph (approx. 3x5") of the school. This makes a nice grouping for framing, especially once a photo of Dietrich is added. The invitation card is printed in black on heavy stock paper Card does has a semi-heavy vertical crease but does not weaken the card with regard to tearing or such. There are also some general light scattering of age spots around the edges, and I believe most of this could come clean without too much trouble. This is one of those rare and interesting pieces from history that educates as well as satisfies the collecting passions. (I didn't know Dietrich was the NSV Ortsamtleiter with involvement in education!). There can't be that many of these which were sent out and probably less than a smidge of a handful that survived. Like a lot of the paper-related items from the Reich, one could go a lifetime of shows and never find another or even a close comparison where conversely you can pass table after table and see the same headgear and daggers on every table - all priced rather aggressively for their obvious abundance and availability. FN+.