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Wehrpolitik and Kreigfuhrer

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Category: Books, Kriegsmarine
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Full Title is "Handbuch der Neuzeitlichen Wehrwissenschaften-- Wehrpolitik und Kreifuhrung" by Genermajor Hermann Franke (1936). size is 7x10" hardback with a whopping 750+-pages! Published by Walther de Grunter & Co., this is part of an official series of books and was the universal standard for the Third Reich, serving like an encyclopedia in regards to accurate and detailed information and such military matters as strategies. This particular edition is involved with battle strategies of the most complex levels and offers step-by-step procedure and accounting of each, as well as hundreds of maps, charts, illustrations, statistics, graphs, lists, diagrams, definitions, descriptions, explanations, theories and principles, plus photos and more. Included are some nice full-color plates of the Standartes and banners as well as two-pages of medals which have an onion-sheet over-lay with name of each medal printed in a specific area so, when page is laid on top of the photo-page of medals, they are clearly identified. Absolutely amazing work - the information of which is in no other single volume we are aware of. We also have the Luftwaffe and Heer volumes listed as well if this series is appealing. Scarce and VF