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LEIPZIG SOMMERFEST PHOTO ALBUM (1939) Amtsleiters Lucke's Album

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Category: Other NS-Party Events, Volk Culture, Fests & Holidays
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Outstanding rare personal photo album of the NSDAP Amtsleiter Wilhelm Lucke in Leipzig who documented the 1939 Gefolgschaft Stadtreinigung Sommerfest (State Allegiance & Puification Summer Festival) in his city . There are over 100+ exceptional behind-the-scene photographs covering the setting-up and of the festival as well as vendors and events, etc. There is also extra paper items including the original flyer-program and a Christmas card from Field Marshal Wilhelm List (this may have been sent to Lucke's father who knew the List's for many years)

It is very difficult to find just 20+ photos (the maximum our web-site program can show) to represent the contents of this album as I think everyone is historically priceless and artistically beautiful- !! The album is complete and includes extras. One of the more unique and better albums we have had in quite a while.

An additional unique feature of this album is , that with the exception of a couple pages in the very back (covering Luck'e war-time service), all of the photos were all taken on official NSDAP film and developed by the Official NSDAP (Propaganda) office -- each photo is individually set-numbered in the upper (or lower) left corners. All these photos are the standard 3.5x2.5" size and have straight-edged borders (as opposed to the popular and standard ragged-edge design that local civilian photo shops used). Additionally, each photo is neatly mounted (e.g. - not glued- ! ), and are numbered on back by hand, and are captioned either individually or as a group. Truly superb-- just as you would hope an album would be.

Photos begin days before the festival and shows the very beginning of the process , including the initial stages of setting up the event; discussing the lay-out with various State and local representatives, setting up bleachers and stages, food booths, etc. Party members rehearsing speeches, etc. Also inspection of the grounds by SS and Party officials (including Amtsleiter Lucke), before the opening, raising the flag at the main flag pole near the stage, etc,.

The album proceeds with Opening Day of the Sommerfest, with the crowd coming in through the Main Entrance Gate which is nicely decorated with Summer Solstice & DAF emblems, members of the press are seen taking photos and making notes, etc.
There are several very interesting pages featuring several individuals and teams running their specialized booths and tents; there is the Beer Hall Tent, Food & Pastries and several delicacies.

Around 1:00 pm, the younger pre-school children came in (many supervised by older BDM and NSF women), to ride all the various rides and enjoy a traditional German Puppet Show. There are pics of some of the children being presented with candies and gifts by various Party representatives and participating in a special Sommerfest (Solstice) dance. Also, the popular local clown Hans Wurst entertains the children with his Magic Tricks, plus there are various contests set-up throughout the day for children of all ages to compete in (the younger boys engaged in shooting rifles and other sporting events, and the Girls had Ring-Toss, sack race, and other games). Even the adults had recreations as well including Skiffle and a bowling.

And there are several pages of various events on the Main Stage- from Party members giving speeches to comedy skits and local talent, to official musical bands (and dancing- including final musical numbers ending the event).

A very unique and extremely scarce photo album- !!

Extras include the actual Original Program-Flyer (which was just 5 weeks before the invasion of Poland and WWII), one of the original speeches and more.

Lucke came from good upper middle class family in Leipzig. His father was a professor at the university there and his uncle worked with the prestigious Glanzstoff Werke Oberbruch & Bemberg and was one of the (plastics) scientists who invented Rayon in the early Thirties. Lucke's older cousin, Hermann, actually went over to the U.S. in the late Thirties when the company opened a factory in Elizabethtown, Tennessee. Lucke himself was being groomed for a political life in the Third Reich and, through the help of his father and uncles, was given all the considerations and at a young age.

But as the tides of war turned in Germany, Wilhelm Lucke found himself now in service to his country in the Grossdeutsland Infantry Division as a lieutenant in the SPW (motor/ armor) Panzergrenadier Regiment and fought in Russia and Besserabia He won the Iron Cross Second-Class, Infantry Combat Badge and Silver Wound Badge and Kursk Campaign Shield. He died in action outside Prussia in the last few months of the was when his battalion was all but annihilated by Soviet forces.