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Stock # 3204
Category: SPORTS & OLYMPICS, Other NS-Party Events
Price: $98.00

Interesting display which tells a story and it was originally framed and hung on the wall in the tavern of the proud owner (frame was damaged by end of the war bombing and was in a much deteriorated state)- but its contents were well preserved.

This was for the Gausportfest in Saarbrücken in July of 1936- during the summer of the 1936 Olympics. Participants were trying extra hard that year to gain recognition and opportunity.

This grouping is very interesting as the four photos show different stages of the events held over those two days; There was the opening parade and celebration, the much celebrated marathon, the woman's track team and the men's track team. Lastly, there is the Events Ribbon from neighboring Düsseldorf from June-July -! This indicates the Saarbrücken team beat the Düsseldorf team and, as by tradition, the losing team surrendered its Event Ribbon to the winning team.

The owner of the tavern is in the mens track team photo and is the third from the right (the taller, older gentleman)- who is also seen running in the Marathon photo (far right). His daughter is in the woman's track and is fifth from the right.

A very unique piece of local Saarbrücken history when the Reich was enjoying world-wide recognition and praise for the Olympics.