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OATH to the FüHRER w/PHOTOS (1940 Linz)

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Category: Documents, Files & Certificates, Heer
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Grouping consists of the larger 8x11" long-form Oath to the Führer - signed by the oath-taking soldier, a photo of the swearing in ceremony held under the German flag, and a portrait id photo of the soldier.

The soldier was Julian Koschka, from Linz, whose family had come from the Sudetenland region of Czechoslavakia. Oath was signed Sept 25, 1940.

Koschka was in the 4th Army and took part in the invasion of Russia under Fieldmarshall von Bocks Army Group Center. He was wounded twice while in Russia from 1941-43 and had substantial medical leave and returned back to his outfit in the spring on 1944. Shortly afterwards, he was killed in action in Minsk when his unit was trapped by Russian forces.