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RDB ID CARD & LAPEL PIN (1934) Daughter of Official in Dresden

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Category: ID Cards, MISC (RDK, Red Cross, etc)
Type:  STAMPS (& Feldposts)
Price: $110.00


Attractive RDB group which contains both the ID card and office lapel pin originally issued to Ilse Bennewitz, an office assistant at the main RDB office in the beautiful city of Dresden in Gau Sachsen.

Illsa's father was Georg Bennewitz, the head of the entire Landesbauernschaft in Gau Sachsen and highly-ranked Party official. Her fiancee, Wilhelm Seeliger, worked under her farther and also the official gau-liaison between his department and the Reichsnahrstand.

Ilse grew up under National Socialism as her father was an early Party member and active achiever. Her father secured a home for her and her future husband in a nice area of Dresden, across the street from the beautiful Staatlicher Grosser Garten Park on Tiergarten Street, just a few houses down from her parents and where she grew up.

Illse had a younger brother too, Ludwig Edgar Bennewitz, who had just started college in 1934 (argriculture) and been accepted into the SS. He was working towards an administrative position within the Reichsnahrstand in the Gau Sachsen region. With his father's position and pull, he was sure to achieve his goals.

Ilse and Wilhelm married in February of 1937. Their honeymoon included a two week vacation in Brazil by way of the Hindenberg Zeppelin (just 3 months before it crashed in New Jersey). By mid-summer of 1937, her work schedule at the RDB was lightened to part-time to accommodate her pregnancy. Ilse's and Wilhelm's first child, Georg was born in December of 1938. Their second child, Anna, was born in 1940.

By 1942, Wilhelm was mustered into the Army and worked behind enemy lines, being assigned to the Landswehr (working the supply lines in Germany (which from there went into Russia).

Things progressed through the war years as best as could be expected....until the middle of February 1945- just 10 weeks before the war ended. Dresden was firebombed for days, resulting in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, including the entire Bennewitz family (including Illse's husband Wilhelm who was home on disability leave and was to train the Volkssturm the following week). Illse, her children, her husband, her parents, relatives and in-laws...everyone but her brother Ludwig (who had been killed in Kursk, Russia two years earlier). An entire family's bloodline and heritage ended that day- along with countless others.

Card is 4-pages with the inside pages filled with RDB monthly dues stamps from 1934-36. Pin is well-detailed and marked on back. Also comes with a small portrait ID photo of young Illse.