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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


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Extremely fasinating album which belonged to a young woman who worked with the archeological department at very prestigious Heidleberg University (equivilent to our Harvard or Yale universities), and the RBDV (Reichsbundes für Deutsche Vorgeschichte- the study of ancient German history).

The album covers a couple different archeological excursions where some ancient axe heads where unearthed. The SS Ahnenerbe were at one site and at least one digging, either assisting or over-seeing the operation. I also think that several volunteer RAD youth went on the expedition as well to help with the digging. There is an interesting photo of the RAD ceremonously standing outside the university with an official and the caption reads; "waiting for the Ahnenerbe".
There is also a page where there are hand-drawn sketches of the axe heads along with a brief map showing the points of excavation. One of these excavations was near the North Sea and later there was a formal dinner which was hosted by the Kreigsmarine (perhaps at a naval port).

The album also has several Heidleberg University Geographical Seminar Semester id cards, each hand-stamped with the ReichsEagle University stamp. These tend to indicate that the young lady was at least an assistant professor at Heidelberg. Some have captions below regarding an important person in the acheological field who had spke there at the time, and some are actually signed by the speakers.

There are enough names of important professors and doctor-professors in this album to make it an interesting research project. There are also named SS PhD archeologists and SS men from the Ahnenerbe as well.
The back of the album has a full page of signatures from fellow collegues in the field of archeology. I don't know if any of these belong to anyone relevant, but it does add to the overall uniqueness of the album.

Album is twenty-eight pages, complete and with both sides of each page full of photos and material. Album is neatly well-captioned as well, in old gothic-style lettering.