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DIE KRIEGSMARINE 1939-45 (Knight Cross Winners) 3 VOLUME SET

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Category: Books, Kriegsmarine
Price: $239.00

This exhaustive three volume set compilation of "Die Duetsche Kriegsmarine 1939-1945" was written by W. Lohmann & H.H. Hilderbrand and published in 1956.

Each volume is at least 2" thick (or about 900-1000 pages), and covers every single aspect of the German Navy during the war, including; Submarines, Coastal Artillery, Flak, Auxillery Cruisers, etc, even Knight Cross Winners.

Volume Three has page after page of photographs of all the officers and KC Winners. This volume though has its cloth binding worn from the spine (an easy repair for a book binder), but o/w in great shape.

The complete three volume set is very difficult to find (especially Vol III), and individually command $100-200 each.
We have them listed at a tremendous savings for the true German Navy historian. This is both a reference tool and treasured collectible the Kriegsmarine historian will use and keep referring back to his entire life, for it is the ultimate source of all key information regarding te German navy during WWII.