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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


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Superb architect and cultural design magazine covering July-Dec of 1936.
Over 500 pages of photos, illustrations and blueprints of every conceivable permanent structure that could be built: buildings, houses, sub-divisions, monuments, stadiums, campuses, expo's and fairgrounds, etc.

Some of the structures covered include a new HJitler Youth campus, an ambitious mile-long KDF hotel-beach resort, KDF Oylympic Hall, Art school, Wonder Hall at Bad Tolz, a new State building in Stuttgart, Post Offices, Reichs Railway headquarters in Altoona, the Reich's Garden Show, Munich Subway Station, the Reich's Art & Handwork Show, underground rooms, churches, hospitals, schools, etc.

The construction and architect journals are an invaluable reference and research tool to the serious Reich historian and also a real visual treat for any collector, as each page is a sort of unofficial guided tour through Germany's Third Reich, seeing so many buildings and houses inside and out, much like a regular Reich citizen would have. One can get a feel for what the lay of the land looked like back then.