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BAUWELT CATALOG 1939 (the coveted Reich building-arts book)

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Category: Factories & Research-Sciences, Books
Price: $520.00

The Holy Grail of "Inside the Reich" books-! The coveted Bauwelt catlog-! Over 1000 pages of the finest craftsmanship in the world. You'll see Reichs Eagles you never knew existed and made of golden metal, marble, glass and every other material known to man and art.

One doesn't realize the incredible scale in which the Third Reich built their empire.
This book, the highly coveted Bauwelt Katalog, gives us a glimpse inside this world...from stairways to statues, from barbed wire to office furniture...and every level of construction in-between.

It is over 1000+ pages and it the most amazing collection on record of what was going on inside the Reich with regards to the building of Hitler's dream and that of a strong Germany, of a thousand-year Reich that was an architectual showcase of the world.

It is amazing, as going through the pages, how every building, regardless of size, from a small grocery store to a large beautiful Reichsbank, were all skillfully, articulately and beautifully designed and executed, right down to the very last detail.

There are entire chapters on stained glass, statues, figural decor, Reichs eagles, stair cases, light fixtures, furniture, bank and storage vaults, safety rooms, elevators, security doors, buildings of every size, shape and need, etc.

There are even speciality companies for amusement parks, roller coasters, school playgrounds, etc, Stadiums, auditoriums, class rooms, formal galleray and State rooms, etc.

There are so many photos of so many topics and areas of interests, that it is just impossible to capture in just 25 photos or so. This catalog will keep one in intense reading for hours- just looking through it once will take hours. And as a reference source, it is a life-time companion and life's work...especially if, as a historian, you have any interest in the pre-war Reich empire - and in every day life, in every city and town, in every aspect of life and can't be topped. And this issue, the 1939 edition, the Reich was at it's peak production level. The mood of the citizens, the level of national pride with regards to how the country was so quickly turned-around under the National Socialist regime.