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Pre-War ('19-'39)
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Super-rare Reich-issued magazine in conjunction with the NS-HAGO and Reichskulturkammer on the architectural and construction/ building within the Third Reich.

This is a 900-page bound volume and contains the entire year of 1938 ( DBW was published weekly).

These issues represent the heart and soul of the infra-structure in the Reich.
It was the combination of German culture and history, combined with Germany's best hand-craftsmen and architectural minds, and using the latest science and technology to rebuild the Reich.
Some of these organizations would of course been the NS-HAGO, the VDK (German cultural network of scientists, engineers and engineers), the Reichskulturkammer departments, the NSBDT (elite engineers), and the whole of the DAF.

So many topics are covered as well as featured in photos and illustrations/ blueprints-- from the Reichsautobahn to some of its bridges, to the latest State buildings, entire sub-divisions, shops, factories, universities, and more.
There is equal coverage on construction techniques, new materials, inventions, light and heavy equipment .

Equally interesting is the coverage of all the different expo's and shows that took place, the premiere Munich Architectural Show being one of the largest.
Also of historic interest, is there is lot of local celebrations were regularly mentioned/ covered because of the local branches of the various above organizations being involved with them. Some discuss special buildings or such which were erected for the event. Sometimes a promotional design or product is mentioned (like a tinnie).

The advertisements are also both informative and visually attractive. Many specialized schools, trade schools, universities are among them, as well as products, craftsmen, and businesses large and small. Every field a science within itself.

Binding is still super-strong and tight.
Front cover has light bow and scattered light edge wear.
Pages are still clean and supple and some may have a very slight rippled look from just being bound together for so many years (but this really isn't a flaw as much as it is an observation).
Cover is solid and FN+ or better (with a better appearance).

A great opportunity to discover and learn of all the massive building that went on inside the Reich- on all levels and on all scales. Rich in detail and facts/ dates.