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History doesn't mention very often that Himmler's older brother, Gebhard, was not only by his side in the earliest Freikorps days of the 14th Volunteer Rifle Brigade 21 ( under Ritter von Epp with Capt Röhm, Hess and others), but he was also a brilliant highly regarded engineer and sound way researcher-technician who was hand-picked by Fritz Todt (and Bernhardt Rust) for his hi-tech engineering intellect
(photo of him below ).

Besides working at the Reichs Broadcasting Company in Berlin (where he personally organized the recordings of the 1936 Olympics and several of the Nuremberg Rallies), he was a teacher and head at a prestigious technical college, and on a high-level position on Todt's Central Office for Technology, and also served right on the Reichs Education Ministry.

Todt and Gebhard Himmler took several trips together in conjunction to engineering and technology and each man highly regarded the others talents.

It was Gebhard whose pet-peeve with Party Weltangschauung ( German spirit) and the unenthusiastic engineering community, which convinced Todt to let him enforce engineers to Party membership or be denied the illustrious professional title of "engineer".

This move on the part of the highly-patriotic and nationalist-raised Himmler, was in response to long-stemming situations within the engineering world inside the Third Reich.

The engineering community was split into two camps: There was the VDI, which was the actual engineering community, and then there was the NSBDT was the Party engineering community.

The NSBDT grew into avery elite corps of engineers, which also inspired the VDK (Verband Deutscher Kultur-Techniker- the incorporating of German culture and Party ideology into the latest science and technology as well as construction ).

The older and larger VDI, however, was traditionally passive on politics.
But they relied a lot on the NSBDT for a myriad of things, particularly in specialized areas, and soon, the prestige of title and immediate career advantages of being an NSBDT member became self-evident.

Many would, however, join and take advantage of temporarily joining or exploiting the NSBDT resources, and then drop-out back out, and withdraw back into their isolated/ neutral bubble.

Himmler's views were the engineers were the vanguard of Germany and their re-building, not to mention their profession, were on the cutting-edge of technology- in the world. He felt they had a moral obligation to the German people and their race - in the Weltschangsauung spirit, and needed to take their role in the community and lead the people- and the world- in this field.
( this was the essence of the cultural technicians organization, the VDK- which still exists today, but on a much less political level ).

These issues and struggles between the VDI and NSBDT would remain through-out the Reich.

The Weimar Republic left engineers in a decline, as the economic chaos of the economy left Germany's infra-structure much like a second or third world country.
This field, more than just about any other professional career in the Reich, was given the highest status of respect and virtue (like the mid-wives, for example- and all the medical research and advancements made in this field--was of equal status and high-praise to the Reich's working women).

These cards are great examples from each of the these two great dueling engineering organizations.
The VDI membership card is for 1937 and also for inclusion in the ADB (Arbeitgemeinschaft Deutscher Betriebsingenieure ).
Note this card actually mentions the NSBDT in the VDI.
It belonged to a Wilhelm Siebmann, who worked in downtown borough of Wilmersdorf in Berlin ( area where the Reichs Broadcasting Company's Radio Tower was located).

The NSBDT was issued in 1939 and made out to a Dr. Ing. (Master PhD engineer) Kurt-Heinrich Kripner of Düsseldorf.

Gebhard Himmler would has approved both of these individuals for wearing the title 'engineer' ( especially the Masters degree engineer title- which, if noticed, is the NSBDT card).

Both cards are NM