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This most very unique ID card reminds us that little Wednesday Addams pig-tails and black dress were very much a part of the Old Country.

This young girl was a citizen of the short-lived proud and independent Lithuanian Republic, a Russia-free country from 1918-1944 (However, 1940-44 was under strict Reich rule)- The Lithuania's fared almost ok, but not the Jewish population, which the common bond under this four-year period was the the mutual distrust and hatred of the Jewish people because of their communism ( or unwavering support of it)and their dangerous communist neighbor's, Russia ( A key missing ingredient in understanding WWII and the Jewish people in today's modern history, is it leaves out the very simple fact communism-bolshevism was an atheist radical jewish invention- ideology.. which of course was of the most common knowledge from 1880-1930s, however post-war history deletes the identifying the communist roots, which includes who indeed financed it, etc (stalin was just the typical front-man/fall-guy).
If you don't know your history, truly understand it- it's like you were born yesterday. Like it or not, we still live in the aftermath of WWII.

What became of this lovely, innocent child is any one's guess, but odds are very slim of her survival. Even if she survived the war, such a pretty young girl would not escape the attention of the communists, who stalin publicly promoted raping via radio and speaker trucks ( daily in East Germany. "If you have not killed a German today, you have wasted the day", his personal messages would blare through the air).

Researching Baltic histories is difficult. Most family histories were recorded/ stored in the local churches, which of course were all burned (together with the clergy) under atheist communist rule,
and well-documented in both the Baltic, Balkans, East Germany and especially the Spanish Civil War - the brutal attack-attempt of communists within the country to cease power.

This Spanish holocaust was why, for example, why Hitler first rounded-up the Jewish citizens in mass in Germany at war-time. When Reich intelligence Abwehr found out about the documented offer made from international zionist leader Chaim Weizmann to Neville Chamberlain, to have the German jews and anti-Reich elements, all up-rise and sabotage inside Germany- it quickly led-( like the Japanese in the U.S.), to the work camps. So many paid for the sins of the few. Later in the war, came death, but by then stalin had already killed 10x that amount in Christians alone (over 60 million).
The Spanish Civil War had just ended by mere weeks and the stunning carnage inflicted upon its citizens was still unveiling itself - from mass burial pits to human skeletons hiding in cup-boards, etc. And not just the men, but women, children, the elderly, ill, the religious- in fact, everyone.

The sad fact is, in WWII- everyone was guilty of horrific brutality and cunning. Only the attacked non-combative citizens of the world; the women, children, elderly... of All races and religions, they deserve the true tribute of undying memory. People are now universally acknowledging that if there's a monopoly on sympathy regarding that war- it should go to them- all 90-million of them.

This young girl represents those poor forgotten people.