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Stock # 2414
Category: Kriegsmarine, HJ- BDM & EDUCATION
Price: $535.00


Awarded in 1942, this is one huge, solid, all-wood construction ship, accompanied by an actual official Kiegsmarine-HJ award for being the best-built model in the Berlin and Gau Brandenburg area.
The two items are independent of each other, but both are from the same annual contest, of which being a finalist or winner was a huge honor and included much media coverage and tours around the port cities of Kiel, Hamburg, etc. (the reference photo of Göring with one of these ships is from the first annual contest in 1934, which he was on hand to judge).

Measuring 32" long and 26" tall, this is one huge ship, and is constructed all in wood, in accordance to contest rules.
What may of given this particular model a bit of an edge over the others, was the clever use of early, bakelite-like plastic to cover some of the Captain's quarters windows, along with other various little customized refinements.

This is a beautiful, heavy model and quite the showpiece.

The award is approx. 6x8" and handsomely illustrated and stamped, and in NM condition.

Both items very rare- especially together.

Postage will be between $39-59 in USA