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Price: $325.00


Architectural blueprint grouping to the elite shooting range at the Berchtesgaden Hitler Youth School.

The finest Hitler Youth School (not NAPOLA- HJ), was in Berchestgaden, as the most selected projects and organizations of special interests of the Führer we moved there.

This school was Germany's finest, and it shooting range, was second to none.

And so the brightest and best minds went into the construction of the projects, especially the HJ school (and a BDM school not far away), for here were the Reich's next generation of First-Borns into the Third Reich the Führer had built for them. It would be their jobs to hold-on to everything he had won for them and, if possible, expand.

This is a historical- phenomenal find- ! Hitler visited this school very frequently and today, most all of it is intact (even the tunnels) and open to the touring public.

The largest blueprint is 27" long x 12" tall- !
What a wall-hanging masterpiece that would make if professionally framed.

There are several notes and modifications on this print, which were evidently agreed to then and there because it is stamped and signed-off in the same red pencil, and dated April 14, 1937.
It is signed by six individuals, including the Bürgermeister ( Mayor) of Berchtesgaden.

The smaller 15x12" blueprint Details the actual target construction and underground room near the target. This is most interesting, and signed by the architects, mayor, HJ economic review board and building commission and NSDAP representative.

The photo shows the local Army garrison working with the youths at the beginners close-range section of the field in November that same year. The entire huge field was completed in the early spring of 1938.

A historically and super-rare grouping- imagine trying to find another..? This is no mere Iron Cross or helmet or dagger.
Staggeringly cheap (but paper Reich items are on the rise).

The blueprints have very light wear- only light stains or rubs associated with carrying and revising blueprints out in the field, and are still firm, no tears, chips or tape, etc. Bright, clean and VF+