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Official Bound Volume Magazines- Detailed

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Category: Religion, Weddings, Funerals, etc, Books
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If you are a student of history or researcher in the area of the religious turmoil inside Germany during the early years of the Reich, this Catholic-published magazine is a page-after-page treasure trove of information of respectable proportion. This is a bound set of the Official Catholic Church magazine, "Mitteilungen- aus den Deutsche Provinez" from 1933-1935. These are key years in which the Reich tried to muscle the Catholics, Lutherns and other organized religions (in addition to the Jews ) into a fraction of their size and power and to re-outline their basic principles of the Holy Scriptures to reflect a more modern "Nazi" perspective. The first issue begins with P. Johann Bapt. Muller, a known name in history and active spokesperson for the Church. This magazines prime focus is on the mission work of the Church, and the personnel of the Churches engaged in the mission work, although this whole project, so fundamental to Christian belief, is continually short-handed and frustrated due to constant Nazi interruption, and reference is made to this fact from time to time as well as the limited influence of the Vatican to buffer the current Church and State dissension in Germany. The publishing of the magazine itself even became endangered, and through-out the duration of the Reich, had to tread carefully. Contents of each issue contain a very detailed bio of each clergyman, along with his current works and future projections. Book is 6x9" and approx. 300-400 pages, and professionally bound in a high-quality handsome cover. (Note: The date printed on the spine is in error-- it gives the contents as being issues from the years 1932-34, when in fact the years are 1933-35.). German text. Very scarce material, especially this extensively documented. NM