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BANKER's ID CARD - EARLY WAR-TIME (Oct 1939) Kaufmanns-brief

Stock # 2253
Category: ID Cards, Reichsbank & Money
Price: $135.00

Young Hans Beirer is a happy little banker from Verden (outside Bremen), receiving his first professional Kaufmannsgehilfenbrief October 31, 1939.

Included is a receipt/ statement of sorts from perhaps his last place of bank apprenticeship work...the date coordinates, but the name is different (perhaps addressed to his new boss).

The card itself is bi-fold, with a very hard, very sturdy cover with a green cloth covering.
There is a pouch in the back for putting documents, etc.

The lettering on the front cover has, over time, lost its gold accents, but it's image can still be seen.
Consequently, grade would be FN/VF, but still higher grade in overall quality.