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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


Stock # 2249
Price: $149.00

Historically interesting pair of Handwerkskartes, both belonging to Master Butchers.

The older Butcher, Hermann of Chemnitz, (the one who looks like a rouge sea captain) has had his Masters Degree revoked-!-
This could be due to a lot of things, from cutting corners to, ( and more presumably), to not following the strict Reich food laws with regards to freshness, cleanliness, etc. Did Hermann sell Ify-quality sausage past the expiration date..?

The other ID belongs to Karl the Good from Vienna (the younger, clean-cut and earnest-looking man). He serves good pork and sausage.

Bad-Hermann's card is worn and FN-
Good-Karl's card is clean about VF+

Bad-Hermann's only option, if he wanted to stay within the sphere of his profession, would have to drop several steps down the ladder, to a butchers helper or, if he caught a break, a consultant's assistant .
These Revoked ID cards are very hard to find- they are very, very rare...often immediately discarded from anger and shame (there was no legal requirement to keep them).

Having both examples, side-by-side, offers a large variety of presentations/ display options.
Having both framed together with a historical explanation of the two, along with some photos of Reich butcher shops.
Perhaps a toy pork loin or two- just for the flavor- !

Priced most inexpensively -!
A great opportunity to obtain a right-wrong example of Third Reich regulations.