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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


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Category: NSLA, COLLEGES & GROUPS, Volk Culture, Fests & Holidays
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Amazing album from an amazing period in Third Reich history-!

Beautifully laid-out and richly captioned.

The traditional college and universities were deeply rooted in tradition and culture.
Some took to the Hitler's new regime, others not.

This particular university did and were even in Munich to parade a day before the first Nov 9th Beer Hall Putsch ceremony led by the F├╝hrer.

Many of these students went on to become officers, industry lieutenants in industry in war production and even the SS.

It was only around 1935-36 when Baldar von Schirach started to lean on them and press them into a completed nazi take-over did fights begin to break-out.

These two albums show some very rare glimpses into the university fraternity elite- the ceremonies, the pageantry, the fencing duels to get that much honored battle scar across the cheek (with an SA man helping the doctor- a clear sign of the early good relationship between some university and SA troops.

Inside this album are some very wonderful shots of Bavarian past-times and cultures, downtown scenes of small towns and cities ( NSDAP flags flying high), and many other little surprises.

Both albums contain very large 6x4 and 5x7" photos.
Most all of them (98%) are very sharp and crisp- rich in detail and artistically well-balanced.

A grand little time-capsule of history in a very seldom reviewed area of the Reich..!!