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Stock # 1937
Category: ID Cards, Music & Instruments
Type:  STAMPS (& Feldposts)
Price: $98.00


Nice musical grouping for a middle-age man out of the famed musical capital of central Europe- Vienna-!

Includes his KUOE ID card-booklet and State Magistrat ID card

The KUOE stands for the Kapell'Meister'Union Osterreich ~ in other words, the official state union for musical band leaders/ conductors.

The young conductor's name was Josef Brauchort and was member #3407 in the license was issued in 1935.

His Quarterly Dues Stamps began in Jan 1935 and run through 1937.
In 1938, after Germany re-united with Austria, new stamps were ordered.
Meanwhile, his first quarter of 1938 is used with an old 1937 stamp and the following three quarters are simply checked-off (there was some obvious hold-ups in the doubt the name of the entire foundation was in the process of being re-named or relocated (usually to Leipzig, the new cultural mecca of Europe)- or both.

This in itself is historically interesting.

The second ID card is a tri-fold Kapellmeister Berechtigungsschein issued by the Magistrat in Vienna which essentially is an artists' license by the city to perform (and that he is not some quack rapster but actually musically learned and qualified in the art of music).
It is stamped and dated March 15, 1935 with yearly stamp revenue affixed on first page.

This tri-fold ID fits nicely inside the back pouch of the KUOE booklet and that is how it was carried.

It would be interesting to know how this young conductor fared out through the Reich and post-war era.
So many talented musicians and artists were used (very reluctantly by Hitler) in the last years of war in a desperate attempt to keep the russians back.

It is 16-pages and comes in a harback cover in deep burgandy with silver lettering.
There in a pouch built into the inside back cover for additional paperwork.