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Stock # 1910
Category: Books, Occ. IDs, Documents, etc
Price: $78.00

The Brown Book- a Very tough book to locate. (we saw a copy 5-years ago sell for $250..generally about the same price as a reg copy of Mein Kampf).
Published in Germany, 1965, and covers the sensational resurence of Nazi-War trials of SS-men, etc.

Often called the Nuremberg -sequel, 20-years later, this exclusive German edition is pretty extensive in scope and generous in photographs, documents, and hundreds and hundreds of names, each with their own inform ation attached to it.

This part of post-war history is not very well covered at all over here in the US, and so it is most WWII collectors-historians actually are not even aware of these trials or, if so, only vaugley.

This book will clear that grey haze up in a flash!

Hardback edition, 7x9" and 400+ pages of rich, informative history/ photos.