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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


Stock # 1858
Category: ID Cards, DAF & RAD
Type:  ID CARD
Price: $49.00


Nice grouping of 3 Reich labor ID card/booklets, two of which are war-time era.
(May vary from photos, as I have several).

The contents may vary as I have several, but they will all be superb, with interesting histories and great condition.

Postage-free inside the USA.

Our photos highlight the more interesting pages.
All are exceptionally clean and have survived the years and are in very high grade.

It's always nice to have at least one of these in ones collection- and even nicer to have three-!

They are always interesting to read and compare- the various locations of each place of employment and duration of each, the age of the individual and their specific skills/profession. Some end abruptly- falling victim to allied bombing the last 4 years of the war.

Historically speaking, each and every booklet represents a living, breathing adult inside the Third Reich- the most famous-and infamous- society within the framework of printed history of all mankind.
There have been more books written about these 12 years in Germany than any other period all put together.
A period of history which seems to never have to worry about being out of fashion with regard to commercial/public appeal.

These IDs are among some of the very best bargains in the collectors market today.