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Stock # 1765
Category: Art of the Reich, PROFESSIONAL CAREERS
Price: $79.00

Lot of 5 "Heraklith Rundschau" (1936- 1939).

This is a Great magazine-- from cover to cover, it can be re-read (or illustrations, blueprints and photographs studied) again and again and used repeatedly for reference.

Each issue is from 12-16 pages, and will cover a specific area/aspect of building/art design. Examples include: Industry, residential homes, commercial stores, churches (despite propaganda to the negative, readers are always surprised to learn the Third Reich built over 700 churches from 1933-1939. That's about 2 per week), schools, halls, public squares, etc. Several examples of the topic is shown in photographs and blueprint, with detailed illustration on specialized construction.

Lot is divided up between two difference original and unique sources- one from the Delmes & Co. construction company, which has one a couple of its covers, the promotional stamp for the 1938 International Handwerks Festival the Reich put on in the Spring of 1938. Evidently, the select issues were distributed/used as samples to show prospective customers what kind of work the company could do.

The other archival source is the Reichskammer Bibliothek( Der Bildenden Kunste)-! As mentioned earlier, church construction went on in the Reich at a rapid pace.
What is interesting about the Biblical archives is that photographs which show a swastika flag in it is usually crossed-out with an ink pen-! (these generally are very small and not a great distraction in most cases and actually hard to even notice many of them- more historically interesting than a flawed condition).

Most all issue have the standard vertical subscription fold although hard to see on many issue.
Condition is overall clean and FN-NM, most running about VF.

A great buy-