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Pre-War ('19-'39)
War Time ('39-'45)


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Category: NSBO, NS-HAGO & GUILDS, Books
Price: $245.00


Incredible 1100+ page hardback book which outlines in illustrated detail the various stages/phases of German Third Reich buildings and houses and their unique construction. (also see next listed item, #1627 for more photos)
From houses to stadiums, commercial neon signs, staircases, roof styles, fences, archways, house designs/styles, fireplaces, windows, statues, front entrances, plumbing and electric, brick-work for paths, stairs, buildings and houses, and dozens and dozens of other fields of expertise.

Almost every page is illustrated. Each phase of the construction is covered in tremendous detail. The talent involved in the handwork and craftedmanship is so completely mind-boggling as to be almost a fictional accounting of some fantasyland.

The re-inforced foundations are doubled and tripled in security and something of a testimony to the countless tons of bombs dropped on them. Photos in history books which show the ruins of cities and towns reveal the incredible amount of punishment these buildings and houses took once their construction is understood.

The scope of information will leave a complete and tremendous impression upon the reader, even if just casually browsing through the illustrations- this book is that good-!
A closer examination of the book will enable the reader to look at close-ups of bombed German structures/buildings and be able to tell what particular foundation style/plan was used inside the walls, ceilings, etc.
Also you will be able to spot what brick design was used and what company made it-!
Amaze your friends, impress your family. Be an expert in a seldom-traveled field of the Third Reich.
Architecture and construction was never presented in a more interesting light than this.
It is a book one will keep in their collection for life.

This copy was originally presented as a gift and is inscribed inside.

Condition is VF. Spine is tight with just some light traces of stress throughout the inside inner-mount of pages, and is constructed to last a good many years of continual reading if not manhandled.
A great find and valuable reference book.