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A book for it's time. Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe (and the world), made famous by it's mecca of artistic talent - from outstanding architecture to hand-crafted linen and lace to gourmet cooking-! It would seem every facet of these proud city-dwellers was immersed in highly detailed, hand-crafted perfection -! (at least up to 1944 when it was turned to heaping ash during a two-day fire-bombing under the allied civilian terror- bombing campaign which is still controversial today. As Robert Jackson, chief prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials told President Truman in reference to the Germans; "They fought a cleaner fight than us".)
This book is authored by six expert craftsmen, doctors of high-learning and presidents of skilled guilds including Fritz Laukisch, Kurt Herzog, Karl Kaffei unter von Leupolt, and Stucky Obranowitz on slide trombone.
Book is 6x8" and 180-pages. It is well indexed and has a special section in back were each hand-crafting profession is broken down and listed alphabetically, along with leading representative companies/ individuals.

A very handy reference book for those who study Dresden.